Wednesday FOTD

It's rare that I actually remember to take pictures after I do my makeup, so I'm pretty thrilled that I've managed to do it two days in a row!  I would like to think that I can manage a daily one, but I know I can't, so I won't even make that promise.

Anyway, here's today's look:

I feel that maybe I should have worn more
blush or a darker lip color...but alas, it's too
late now.  :(

On eyes, I wore shadows from the New Year's Collection.
Inner corner and highlight - Old-Fashioned Fascism
All over lid - Fear the Nobodies
Outer corner and crease - Pointless Intervention

Closed eye shot with flash.  I also applied Paparazzi
Flash Powder in Conspiracy in the middle of the lid
using LA Splash Splashproof Sealer to make it stick.

Wow.  I look enthused.

Again, no foundation...but I am wearing
Gel Blush Concentrate in Get It On, and
NYC Light Beam lipgloss in NY Lights.
The gloss is about $3 at Walmart...has an LED
in the applicator and a mirror on the tube
so you can apply it in the dark.  I LOVE this
concept, however, while the color is pretty,
the texture is odd and almost too sticky...
and it's like they tried to make it taste
good, but failed.

Oh yeah...for those of you who have sent me messages and stuff asking how my skin APPEARS so flawless, despite not wearing foundation...  Here's the answer...and no, I'm not going to tell you to just wash your face...

Truth is, I have good skin.  I hate to do these types of explanations, because it makes me look like a braggart or something...BUT since you asked...  

NOW...keep in skin is NOT "perfect".  I have freckles, old scars, etc., and I DO use concealer when I need it.  Being of Latin and Native American descent, I do scar easily.  While I don't break out often (maybe once a year), I do tend to get dark or discolored scars when or if I get a really bad blemish.  I don't use much concealer, only on my spots/scars and maybe under my eyes to brighten my face a bit...and then I set it with a very small amount of powder.  But that's it.  Occasionally, if I'm going out, I might put on a light dusting of loose mineral foundation to hinder shine.  I have dry skin, so I can't use powder too much or it just makes my face look dusty...but liquid foundations feel heavy, and frankly, I just don't like them.  I've heard that many of them contain pore-clogging ingredients that can wreck a complexion (which may explain why I don't really have skin problems, considering I don't use liquid at all).  I only use liquid or cream foundation for photo shoots, runway shows, etc...but since I don't model much anymore, it's down to a minimum.

I do use highlighters and blush on occasion, but not every day.  I do need to get in the habit of wearing blush more, though.  The winter makes me look dead (see above photos), and it seems that the right amount of blush can revive my complexion like nothing else!  :)  Lavender concealer is also a staple in my makeup bag to brighten up and even out a dull complexion!

Anyway, hope you guys like this look!  Also, I'd like to know...  What do you do to keep your skin looking flawless and fresh all day long?  :)


Lisa Kate said...

Wow, I love Old Fashioned Facism! I agree you have beyond gorgeous skin, lucky you!

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