MORE Newness!

As promised, I have several new eyeshadow shades available in my shop now!!!  Check them out...


Do any of these catch your eye?  :)

FINALLY...Lip Products!

So, I have some new lip glosses in the shop!!!  (Photos below.)  Also, I have several new eyeshadows arriving as well!!!  (You'll see them in a very quickly upcoming post!!!)  :)  Enjoy!


What do you guys think?

Another heads up...

Hey, everyone!  I just wanted to give you all a heads up on what's going on right now.

YES...I have orders that are behind.  Why?  I had a supplier that was backordered on a ton of stuff, so it put certain orders behind, but not all of them.

Also, I have been sick.  I'm a severe asthmatic, and I've had several "close calls" over the past week or two.  I finally decided to go to the doctor yesterday, and it's confirmed.  I have a horrible case of bronchitis that could be turning into pneumonia.  I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with chronic asthma, but to keep it short, sweet, and to the point, if my condition gets much worse it could be considered life-threatening, and they will admit me to the hospital.  I'm trying to manage my current condition with antibiotics, heavy duty cough suppressants, and my rescue inhaler.  I will likely start receiving breathing treatments as well.

As much as I hate to do this, I will be taking a break from filling orders for a couple of days.  I KNOW it sucks...but I really want to provide a sanitary environment, and I don't feel that me packaging orders while I'm so ill is in your best interest.  My husband will be picking up some of the slack while I'm on my "sick leave", so orders WILL be getting filled...just maybe not as expediently as I (or you) would like.

I'm VERY sorry for the delay, but I need to get healthy before I can resume business as usual.  I hope you all understand.
Thanks so much!

Karaoke, anyone?

My husband and I went out Thursday night, and had an amazing time (as usual) at our local karaoke bar.  I love to sing, and I like to think I'm pretty good at it, so we do this as often as we can...normally a couple times a month, if we can find a babysitter.  :)

Anyway...  Keep in mind that we live in a small town, smack-dab in the middle of the Bible Belt herself, and most of the people here are, well...I'll just say not very "alternative" or "trendy".  There are about a million country music radio stations here, one or two top 40 stations, and zero...yes, ZERO...alternative or rock stations.  As a matter of fact, drive 10 miles in any direction, and you will come across some sort of pasture with livestock or cotton fields.  LOL.  Thank goodness Memphis is only about an hour or so away, or I might die.  Seriously.

This area actually reminds me a lot of the extremely tiny town I grew up in.  There are no awesome night clubs here, and if people go to the bar, they're usually wearing minimal makeup, natural haircolor, jeans, and a t-shirt.  I prefer my uber-bright, mega-sparkly makeup and lots of bats, skulls, black, and leather!  LOL.  And my hair depends on what day of the week it is.  :)

Needless to say, I don't really fit in here.  We just moved to this area a little over three months ago, and EVERY TIME my husband and I go to the bar, we get asked, "You're not from around here, are you?"  LOL.  I find it amusing...but I also find it a great opportunity to enlighten some people on the thrills of a little open-mindedness.  I tend to be a little bit of a trendsetter, so let's see if any of my flamboyant sense of style catches on here.  My guess...NOT LIKELY.  Haha!'s the look I wore to the bar this past Thursday.  You can imagine how much I was stared at that night, but I received tons of it's nice to know that "different" isn't feared here.  I just have a feeling I'm a lot braver than most of the women who live here were taught to be when it comes to fashion and/or personal style.  :)

So, here's my look.  I saw this necklace on
Phyrra's blog and had to have it!

On eyes, I used:  Hi-Fi Cosmetics Hi Fi Shadows in
Buttercup (inner corner), Mind Manipulator (mid lid),
Live Large (outer corner and crease), and Tell Me Lies
(highlight).  This is on top of Hi-Fi Cosmetics eyeshadow
base (coming soon!).  I also used Hard Candy Walk the
Line Liquid Liner in Asphalt (upper lashline), Urban Decay
24/7 Pencil in Zero, and Hard Candy Take Me Out Liner
in Ahi (lower lashline).

Here's another shot of both eyes.

On lips, I used:  LA Girl lipstick in Last Night with
Soap & Glory's Sexy Motherpucker gloss in Baby Doll
layered on top.

Here's a photo of me in less-than-fabulous
lighting conditions.

And here's the whole thing again!  :)

So...what do you think?  Do any of you live in an area where you don't really "fit in"?  Do you choose to be yourself and carry your own personal style regardless?  Let me know your thoughts!

Out with the old... In with the new.

Good news!  There are lots of new colors and products coming soon!  However, in order to make room, I'm having to discontinue quite a few items.  Here are the items most recently added to the Clearance Section in my shop.  All clearance items are marked down to 1/2 off!  :)

If you want any of these items, you'd better act fast!!!  Because once they're gone, they are GONE!  I'll post the new items that are replacing these as I add them to my shop.  :)