Out with the old... In with the new.

Good news!  There are lots of new colors and products coming soon!  However, in order to make room, I'm having to discontinue quite a few items.  Here are the items most recently added to the Clearance Section in my shop.  All clearance items are marked down to 1/2 off!  :)

If you want any of these items, you'd better act fast!!!  Because once they're gone, they are GONE!  I'll post the new items that are replacing these as I add them to my shop.  :)


arianastefa said...

I like your products..

Lisa Kate said...

Squee!!! NEW STUFFF!!!! I can't wait!

*already plotting order*

Oh, and pwease never ever get rid of Polka Dot Bikini! It's my favorite color!!

Julissa said...

Dang, I think I was eyeing a few of those colors in your shop!

BLIX said...

I suppose I'll have to place another order before these bad boys are gone! But I'm excited for new colours. :-) Yay!

Phyrra said...


Heather said...

Oh boy... payday is Thursday... which means I'll probably have placed an order by Saturday :P

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