What beauty products do I use?

I saw this post on www.lipstickrules.com, and I thought it would be interesting to fill out.  

Before I ever starting making makeup, I always wondered...  What do Maybelline or MAC executives wear?  (Or the executives from any other company...I think you get my drift.)  Do they stick to their own brand, or do they branch out and try other things?  Or maybe...  Do they even, dare I say, LOVE other companies' products?  Well, since I haven't got the answer to that one yet, I figured I'd let you all at least know what I use, seeing that I do own my own cosmetics line.  Here goes:

Shampoo: Dove Intensive Therapy
 Dove Intensive Therapy & Queen Helene Cholesterol
Styling Products:
 Moroccan Oil, Schwarzkopf got2b glued Freeze Spray, Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk
Shower Gel: Bath & Body Works Irresistible Apple
Body Moisturizer: Victoria's Secret Garden Body Cream in Secret Charm 
Fake Tan: N/A
Cleanser: Arbonne Intelligence
Toner: Arbonne Intelligence
Exfoliator: Mary Kay Microdermabrasion
Foundation Brush: I don't use liquid foundation, but I use a Japonesque Mineral Face Brush for my powder foundation.
Concealer: Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Medium
Powder: MK Signature Loose Powder in Beige
Blush: Varies, but Hi-Fi Cosmetics Loose Cheek Color in Denial and Flirt! blush in Pink Tutu are my faves.
Bronzer: N/A.  I will occasionally wear Hi-Fi Cosmetics Gel Bronzer for a golden kiss of shimmer, but not much more.
Highlighter: A Hi-Fi Cosmetics product that is currently in testing.
Eyeshadow Base: UDPP in Sin, LA Splash Splash-Proof Sealer, and a Hi-Fi Cosmetics product that is currently in testing.
Eyeshadows: Hi-Fi Cosmetics.  However, some days I feel sad for my little forgotten MACs and the such, so I will break them out and use them so they don't get too lonely.
Eyeliner: Hard Candy Walk the Line liquid liner in Asphalt and L'Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil in Black
Curler: e.l.f. (eyeslipsface)
Mascara: Too Faced Lash Injection 
 Varies.  My recent favorites are Hard Candy Painted Lady in No Peeking, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, L'Oreal Color Riche in Cashmere, and Maybelline ColorSensational in Caramel Kiss.
Lipgloss: Varies.  My recent favorites are Hard Candy Plexi Gloss in Genie, Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker in Plum Juice, VS Beauty Rush in Creme Femme, and Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls in Mermaid.
Nail Colour: China Glaze Watermelon Rind and Grape Juice

Some of the products mentioned above.

What beauty products do you use?  Do you use any of the same ones I do?  If you do, what do you think about them?  Thanks for reading!  

Sale Extended!!!

Guess what?! 

I know how busy everyone must be, especially following the Thanksgiving holiday...  Relatives leaving town, cleaning up the post-Thanksgiving mess, putting up the Christmas tree, Black Friday retail shopping, etc.  So, in order to give everyone a chance to sit down at their computer and do a little sale shopping, I've decided to extend my Black Friday Sale through Cyber Monday.  That's right...the sale DOESN'T end tonight!  You have one more day to stock up on your Christmas gifts...and for yourself.  :)

Hope this helps everyone out!  :)

On a sadder note, my aunt passed away this morning.  She was only 44, but had many health problems.  An unfortunate occurrence of the swine flu managed to develop into a much more severe health problem for her, and eventually took her life.  Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.  

I will be making a run to the post office to ship orders tomorrow, but I might be heading out of state on Tuesday or Wednesday for the funeral.  I will make sure to email those whose orders ship tomorrow.  I had hoped to get more of the orders out in the morning, but with the constant phone calls and grief surrounding my Aunt Nikki's death, I haven't quite been able to get as much done as I had hoped.  I do state on my Etsy shop to allow 3-5 days for shipping, but I know many of you are accustomed to much faster shipping.  I don't anticipate the delay being any longer than my shop states, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up just in case.  I appreciate your patience during this stressful time.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and you'll be hearing from me again soon!

Black Friday Sale DEETS!!!

Here are the details for the sale...

Because in Etsy there is no way to update all the listings' prices at once, I am starting now, pulling items "off the shelf" to reprice them.  Starting at 12:00 AM CST, all pulled items will return to the shop and be able to be purchased.

Please bear with me while I undergo this grueling process.  :)

Now...here's the juicy stuff...

The sale will start around midnight tonight and run until midnight on Sunday.

All Hi Fi Shadows are BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!  Just use the message section at checkout to tell me what color(s) you want for free on the BOGO.  (This excludes eyeshadows marked "Being Discontinued".  You can get a discontinued color for free, but you will not receive a free eyeshadow for purchasing a discontinued color at an already discounted price.  Get my drift?)

10% OFF the 10 or 20 piece sample sets!

All Mesmer-EYES 3-Piece Sets are 20% OFF!

30% OFF EVERYTHING ELSE!  This includes:

  • Paparazzi Flash Powder
  • Loose Cheek Color
  • Shimmer Dust
  • Glimmer Gel
  • Gel Blush
  • Bronzer Gel
  • Glam Rock Eye Glitz

So...  What do you want to buy?  Would it be a gift, or a little something for yourself?  :)

Thanksgiving Look & Sale Reminder

Hey everyone!

I just thought I would post my look for today, and remind you all of the HUGE sale I'm having.  Starts after midnight CST tonight, so hope you can stop by and do a little Christmas shopping!

Hi Fi Shadows - Inner lid:  War Child
Mid lid:  Bad Seed, Outer lid & 
crease:  Wild Thing

On lips:  Us or the Hatchet mixed with 
some sparkly lip gloss.

This camera made my skintone look a lot 
rosier than it really is.  Grr.  But anyway, I'm 
also wearing Loose Cheek Color in Denial.

Holy flat hair!  I didn't really feel like doing
anything with it, and it shows!  Apparently,
I also went jewelry-less today.  Hmm.
But anyway, here's me (post-gluttony) 
with my little one, Raven.  (The small glimpse
of nail polish you see is Grape Juice 

by China Glaze w/ Fairy Dust as top coat.)

Anyway, hope you like my Thanksgiving look, and I hope to see you at my sale after midnight tonight!!

Holiday Collection 2009

Hey everyone!

I wanted to make sure I got these colors released before the big sale.  You know...I had to make sure you have plenty of time to drool over them before the Black Friday insanity starts!  Hahaha!

I hope you enjoy this collection!


So...  Which of these is your favorite?

Oops! I missed some!

Four TEN more colors being added to the shop!!  These have been lurking around since forever, and I just never got around to adding them...  Today is their day!  (I had to edit this post from the original FOUR that I posted, because I discovered SIX MORE colors I had created but never posted!!!)

Very pale, champagne-beige.

Pearly, opaque fuschia with dark pink glitter.

Pearly blue-gray-violet with pink sparkles.

Very unique color...  Deep pearly green with lots of pink shimmers!

A blackish purple with hologram sparkles!

Super-bright pearly orange.

Very pale in the jar, this color goes on as a
shimmery metallic pink.

Very pale, pearly lavender.

Pale, pinkish purple color-shifter.
Very sparkly!

Rich purple with lots and lots of
silver sparkles!

Whatcha think?

My Office...and some photos.

Hey everyone!

I just thought I would let you all know what my office is like and where I make my eyeshadows, etc.

I recently just moved across the state (my husband is military), so there are boxes everywhere! However, I was able to get a few photos without showing off the current chaos. LOL!

We moved from a 3-bedroom/3-bath two-level townhome to a 3-bedroom/1-bath flat with WAY less space. I'm still trying to manage. In my old home, I had a super-huge laundry room that I used as an office, and each of my daughters had their own bedroom. Well, in this tiny apartment, they are having to share a room (their ages are 6 years and 21 months) so I can utilize the extra bedroom as an office. How they considered this "extra bedroom" large enough for a bed, I do not know. I can barely fit my workbench and computer desk in here...much less the utility cabinets I use for storing my supplies. Somehow, I'm making it work. :)

I keep my 5g sifters, lids, and jars in a 3-drawer
organizer for quick packaging.  While I do keep
some inventory on hand, I make most of my products
to order, so this helps me pack them quickly
and efficiently.

My 10g jars, sifters, and lids are organized
in a...*gasp!* flatware organizer.  LOL.

This is one of my handy grinders.  I prefer using
these (I have a few) instead of mortar and pestle,
because I have so many products with a ton of
sparklies.  Using this allows me to thoroughly and
evenly blend my eyeshadows and blushes without
totally obliterating the shimmer in them.

For storing my finished product, I use whatever
cheap air-tight containers I can find.  Typically, I
can find these at my local dollar store for next-to-

This is actually a photo of "Wicked", one of the new
shadows coming into my store this coming week.
(I think my camera lens was foggy or something.)

Ah, handwritten label.  Because I'm no millionaire yet.
Saving the inkjet printer ink for stuff that matters,
like jar labels!

Here's some containers that are almost empty.
Need to make another batch, apparently.

Anyway, I know these pictures aren't all that great.  I took these for Phyrra the other day, and I haven't had a chance to take some better ones yet.  But I will!

Thanks for looking!

New Releases!!!

So, I know that the color black is really big this season.  It seems it's in or on everything.  I even saw some black Christmas trees at Walmart the other day!  Black isn't just for the alternative and goth scene anymore.  Anyone can wear it these days...and c'mon!  It's a classic that will never die out!

But anyway, I didn't just make black eyeshadows...  I wanted to come out with some richer colors than I currently have available.  My shop is so full of brights and neutrals, but very few deep, smokey colors.  So...hope you like!

Here's a peek at what I will be listing in my store over the next few days...

So...what do you think?