Black Friday Sale DEETS!!!

Here are the details for the sale...

Because in Etsy there is no way to update all the listings' prices at once, I am starting now, pulling items "off the shelf" to reprice them.  Starting at 12:00 AM CST, all pulled items will return to the shop and be able to be purchased.

Please bear with me while I undergo this grueling process.  :)'s the juicy stuff...

The sale will start around midnight tonight and run until midnight on Sunday.

All Hi Fi Shadows are BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!  Just use the message section at checkout to tell me what color(s) you want for free on the BOGO.  (This excludes eyeshadows marked "Being Discontinued".  You can get a discontinued color for free, but you will not receive a free eyeshadow for purchasing a discontinued color at an already discounted price.  Get my drift?)

10% OFF the 10 or 20 piece sample sets!

All Mesmer-EYES 3-Piece Sets are 20% OFF!

30% OFF EVERYTHING ELSE!  This includes:

  • Paparazzi Flash Powder
  • Loose Cheek Color
  • Shimmer Dust
  • Glimmer Gel
  • Gel Blush
  • Bronzer Gel
  • Glam Rock Eye Glitz

So...  What do you want to buy?  Would it be a gift, or a little something for yourself?  :)


BLIX said...

What do I want to buy? Probably everything! But I just bought 40 samples from ya. Looking forward to trying them out. :-) All your colours look so lovely.

Veronica said...

@BLIX I'm so glad you decided to order! When I first stumbled across your blog and saw that you like sparkly stuff, my first thought was, "Oooh. She would love my stuff." LOL!

BLIX said...

Das right! The more sparkly, the better! I know I'll have fun with your eyeshadows. You'll see some looks posted once I receive the goodies. Weee!

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