Oops! I missed some!

Four TEN more colors being added to the shop!!  These have been lurking around since forever, and I just never got around to adding them...  Today is their day!  (I had to edit this post from the original FOUR that I posted, because I discovered SIX MORE colors I had created but never posted!!!)

Very pale, champagne-beige.

Pearly, opaque fuschia with dark pink glitter.

Pearly blue-gray-violet with pink sparkles.

Very unique color...  Deep pearly green with lots of pink shimmers!

A blackish purple with hologram sparkles!

Super-bright pearly orange.

Very pale in the jar, this color goes on as a
shimmery metallic pink.

Very pale, pearly lavender.

Pale, pinkish purple color-shifter.
Very sparkly!

Rich purple with lots and lots of
silver sparkles!

Whatcha think?


Phyrra said...

Live by Passion has my attention :)

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

I think: "wow" :D

BLIX said...

These are lovely colours. I especially like Live By Passion, Midnight Hour, Mind Manipulator and Tainted Love. :-)

Ana said...

Love the mind manipulator and tainted love.

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