Yep...  FINALLY the new collection I've been teasing you all with.  I was finally able to get my computer back up and running after our move so I could edit some photos and post the listings.  :)

I just KNEW I couldn't NOT do a Halloween collection...  After all, I am a Halloween baby!  (Yep...born on October 31st.)

I was going to post photos, but Blogger hates me today.  So, here's a link to my shop.  Just do a search on "Nightmare 2010" to bring them all up.  *hugs*



Totally unrelated to Hi-Fi, but you should read anyway. :)

Okay, so I submitted my husband in Urban Decay's Manhunt!  :)  

It would just tickle me pink if you all would cast some votes for him!  


Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket Manhunt