Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Hey guys...  I just thought I'd make a quick post here to announce some stuff.


I'm having another baby!!!  Yay!  I'm tentatively due in March, but of course that can change after my first sonogram.  We're very excited!!!  Here's my other two lovelies, Julia (age 6) and Raven (age 2)...  They'll be 7 and 3 by the time their new brother or sister is born.


Me and my hubby...  
(I was 7 months pregnant with Raven in this photo.)


Due to me being "with child", we now MUST move to a larger home.  As most of you know, I currently run my business from a teensy weensy little room in my microscopic apartment, but as of now, that has to change.  It doesn't help matters that I am considered to be a high-risk pregnancy, as both of my other children had complicated pregnancies and/or births.  Basing this off my history, I'll probably end up on bed rest somewhere around 25 weeks or so (which shouldn't affect my ability to sit on my butt and make eyeshadow, by the way...LOL).

With all that said, our move to a larger home will be fairly quick, as we want to have enough time for me to help out with packing and moving before my doctor puts me on all those medical restrictions...  We already have a place, and we're moving around the first of September (to give the current occupant time to move out).  I will be TEMPORARILY closing down my shop for about a month so we can pack, move, and unpack.  I'll obviously have to be allowed time to ship out existing orders, pack up my office, relocate it, and unpack and reorganize before I can resume normal business.  I know, sad face, right?

I know it sucks, and trust me, my lack of income for that month is going to suck harder...  BUT I'd much rather sacrifice my income than sacrifice my customer service.  You guys are awesome.  So with all that said...

HI-FI COSMETICS WILL BE CLOSING TEMPORARILY from AUGUST 16th TO SEPTEMBER 13th so I can move and get settled into my new office space.

If you guys need or want anything, I suggest you make plans to purchase before August 16th, otherwise, it will be mid-September before you can order anything.

SO sorry this is so sudden, but I promise, I'm coming back!!!  I expect Hi-Fi Cosmetics to be around for a very long time!!!  I'll continue to update Facebook (my personal page and fan page) to keep you guys posted on my progress.  :)

Thanks so much for all your love and support!


Thank you all SO much for making this past year an absolutely amazing chapter of my life!!!  I love all my customers, and I truly appreciate all of you for helping me realize my dream.  I know I still have a long way to go, but I couldn't ask for more at this point in my business-life!  To express my gratitude, I'm having a ginormous sale...  Check it out!

In lieu of my insane schedule...I'm just going to post the deets straight from my Etsy shop announcement!!!  


As a great big thank you to my awesome customers for making this past year AMAZING, I'm offering the following awesome deals:

Buy 5 eyeshadows (Hi Fi or Rockstar) and get 5 eyeshadows FREE!!! (Of equal or lesser value)
Also, buy 2 Lip Glazes or Shadow Fix and get 2 FREE!!!
All other items are Buy One, Get One FREE!!! (Mix and match shades on like items)
Double your haulage!!! Take advantage of this sale NOW!!! The madness ends on the 10th!

As always, please DO NOT add your free items to your cart.  Simply note them in the Etsy message section at checkout!!!


ATTENTION: Due to an increase in sales volume, PLEASE allow around 8 BUSINESS DAYS (not counting weekends!) for the orders to ship. Whenever I hold sales, I usually generate about 4x the amount of orders of a regular business day (not to mention larger order sizes than normal), so please allow 10-12 BUSINESS days for items to ship during those times. Most of my products are made to order, and as you know, I am a one-woman I hope you all understand the need for this slightly longer processing time. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding! :)