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So, I know that the color black is really big this season.  It seems it's in or on everything.  I even saw some black Christmas trees at Walmart the other day!  Black isn't just for the alternative and goth scene anymore.  Anyone can wear it these days...and c'mon!  It's a classic that will never die out!

But anyway, I didn't just make black eyeshadows...  I wanted to come out with some richer colors than I currently have available.  My shop is so full of brights and neutrals, but very few deep, smokey colors.  So...hope you like!

Here's a peek at what I will be listing in my store over the next few days...

So...what do you think?


Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

I think these are so nice! My favorites could be Beautiful nightmare, Distortion, Wicked... :D

Phyrra said...

Rising Tide looks awesome.

Karen E. Duncan said...

They all look pretty awesome but my absolute favorites are: "Aphrodisiac", "Sacrelicious", "Obscenity", and "Beautiful Nightmare". I love deep, rich shades for fall...can create some incredible dark but colorful smoky eye looks!

Thanks for sharing!

Karen (aka MakUpDiva)

Anastasia said...

A couple of them - Beautiful Nightmare, Wicked - look very similar to the wholesale Blackstar micas to me. I know you at least add bases to mica, though, so it'd be interesting to see what they look like in person.

Veronica said...

@Anastasia I'm glad you brought that up...because I was thinking the same thing about Wicked when I first made it. I figured the question would come up. :)

Beautiful Nightmare and Wicked actually have multiple micas mixed on a base...and I added some super sparklies! :)

I did notice when I made Wicked that it looks kind of like a mica named Blackstar Gold (or something like that...although I've never used it in any of my formulations), but mine is a little more gold I think, and has a large dose of glitter. Eye-safe, of course. :) I've never seen Blackstar Gold in person, so I'm not sure how close of a match it is...although the photos I've seen do look similar.

I know a lot of people aren't too keen on really glittery stuff, so if they wanted a *similar* color without all the glitter, they could go with the above mentioned mica (hope I got the name right).

And I think Beautiful Nightmare is actually a slightly lighter purple than the picture shows...maybe I should lighten it up a bit? Hmm.

The good thing is when they go into my store, I will have swatches for you guys to see. I may even take some eye shots as well! :)

I know you ladies are educated enough on MMU to not fall for a repackaged product, so I've actually done my best on the supply side to stay away from the notorious TKB! LOL. Granted, I LOVE her products...and I do have a few for personal use (planetary micas are da bomb), but because of the whole Lime Crime thing, I've made sure to stay away from them for eyeshadow-making.

Plus, it's simply against my mission to repackage. :) Makes me mad to see others charging so much for something they just took out of one jar and put in another smaller one! LOL! (Most micas don't stick well on their own in the first place, so you end up getting shoddy product.) I just don't understand it anyway... Formulating is my FAVORITE part of my job. It's part of the reason I started my be an inventor of sorts. Maybe I was a mad scientist in a former life. Hmm.

But anyway, if any of you have any questions regarding my cosmetics and how they are made, etc... Feel free to ask! Aside from my actual formulas, I am pretty much an open book! Maybe I'll do a blog on it. Right. Now. :)

Anastasia said...

Wonderful! Thanks for such a comprehensive response.

I like Blackstar red but I've wanted a more purple take on it - and the few you have up there look lovely. I'll be visiting during that sale :p

Veronica said...

Hey everyone...I'm in the process of adding these to my shop NOW. So if you'd like to purchase samples before taking the plunge on the full sizes, they are now available! :) Of course, you could always wait until Black Friday and just get whatever you want on sale, but I just wanted to let you all know they're going into the shop today! :)

BLIX said...

I love all of these colours!!! And I think the more glittery, the better! Great job on these. :-)

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