My Office...and some photos.

Hey everyone!

I just thought I would let you all know what my office is like and where I make my eyeshadows, etc.

I recently just moved across the state (my husband is military), so there are boxes everywhere! However, I was able to get a few photos without showing off the current chaos. LOL!

We moved from a 3-bedroom/3-bath two-level townhome to a 3-bedroom/1-bath flat with WAY less space. I'm still trying to manage. In my old home, I had a super-huge laundry room that I used as an office, and each of my daughters had their own bedroom. Well, in this tiny apartment, they are having to share a room (their ages are 6 years and 21 months) so I can utilize the extra bedroom as an office. How they considered this "extra bedroom" large enough for a bed, I do not know. I can barely fit my workbench and computer desk in here...much less the utility cabinets I use for storing my supplies. Somehow, I'm making it work. :)

I keep my 5g sifters, lids, and jars in a 3-drawer
organizer for quick packaging.  While I do keep
some inventory on hand, I make most of my products
to order, so this helps me pack them quickly
and efficiently.

My 10g jars, sifters, and lids are organized
in a...*gasp!* flatware organizer.  LOL.

This is one of my handy grinders.  I prefer using
these (I have a few) instead of mortar and pestle,
because I have so many products with a ton of
sparklies.  Using this allows me to thoroughly and
evenly blend my eyeshadows and blushes without
totally obliterating the shimmer in them.

For storing my finished product, I use whatever
cheap air-tight containers I can find.  Typically, I
can find these at my local dollar store for next-to-

This is actually a photo of "Wicked", one of the new
shadows coming into my store this coming week.
(I think my camera lens was foggy or something.)

Ah, handwritten label.  Because I'm no millionaire yet.
Saving the inkjet printer ink for stuff that matters,
like jar labels!

Here's some containers that are almost empty.
Need to make another batch, apparently.

Anyway, I know these pictures aren't all that great.  I took these for Phyrra the other day, and I haven't had a chance to take some better ones yet.  But I will!

Thanks for looking!


Phyrra said...

Thank you for sharing the photos!
Very cool :)

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