Thanksgiving Look & Sale Reminder

Hey everyone!

I just thought I would post my look for today, and remind you all of the HUGE sale I'm having.  Starts after midnight CST tonight, so hope you can stop by and do a little Christmas shopping!

Hi Fi Shadows - Inner lid:  War Child
Mid lid:  Bad Seed, Outer lid & 
crease:  Wild Thing

On lips:  Us or the Hatchet mixed with 
some sparkly lip gloss.

This camera made my skintone look a lot 
rosier than it really is.  Grr.  But anyway, I'm 
also wearing Loose Cheek Color in Denial.

Holy flat hair!  I didn't really feel like doing
anything with it, and it shows!  Apparently,
I also went jewelry-less today.  Hmm.
But anyway, here's me (post-gluttony) 
with my little one, Raven.  (The small glimpse
of nail polish you see is Grape Juice 

by China Glaze w/ Fairy Dust as top coat.)

Anyway, hope you like my Thanksgiving look, and I hope to see you at my sale after midnight tonight!!


Karen E. Duncan said...

You look beautiful even with the flat hair. I am crazy about shimmery coral/bronzy lipgloss...absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see your next makeup look.

Karen (aka MakUpDiva)

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Haha, you should see my hair ;)

You look gorgeous (need to copy that look!) and Raven is so adorable <3

Phyrra said...

Wild Thing is lovely in your crease.
You are a gorgeous woman!
Your hair looks lovely straight :)

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