Already? She's growing up too fast!!!

So, my daughter Julia brought home a form from school the other day.  She wants to be in a beauty pageant.

She's 6 years old and in the first grade.  This is her first year in school, as she skipped kindergarten, which means she's a little younger than the other kids in her grade.  So, I'm really protective of her in various social/school-related aspects of her life.  (I know, I'm turning out just like my mom!  Gah!)

This pageant thing had me kind of leery, but after speaking with my mom and husband, I'm confident that she would have a good time doing it.

I, personally, did pageants all through elementary school and high school, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Yes, I placed in some and even won some, BUT I also completely lost in a few, too.  While I don't necessarily agree with all the parameters you are "judged" on, I do think it taught me how to have a thick skin, and maybe even helped me develop the lack of stage fright that I have today.  I have great public speaking skills, and I don't get nervous performing or speaking in front of large groups of people.  So yes, pageants have their pros and cons.

My daughter is in modeling it's really not THAT different, right?

With all that said, I need help.  Her pageant is at the end of January, and I need to get her a dress.  Here's a picture of my sweetie:

Her hair's a little frazzled here, but it's the
most recent pic I have.  :)

I posted her pic so you all could help me pick the right dress in the right color.  Now...are you ready for the dress options?

#1      #2  



#7   #8

#9   #10  



I'm currently "watching" all of these on Ebay, but I wanted to get your opinion before I purchase one.  They are allowing a variety of dress types for this pageant, ranging from Sunday dress to formal.  I'd like for Julia to fall in the middle...or even lean towards the formal side.  It's not often she gets to get this dressed up!

For those of you who want to, please comment below telling me your TOP 3 choices!  I'd like to narrow down my choices to show my husband when he gets back on Saturday.  :)  (Showing him too many at once might fry his macho army-man brain!  LMAO!)

Thanks a ton!!!


Tabitha Michelle said...

I love 4, 11, and 12

Phyrra said...

I love #4, #12 and #13.
But especially #4.

Veronica said...

I'm glad to see that #4 and #12 are already favorites! (I personally, LOVE those two!) Her favorite color is purple, but I also LOVE red on her.

Lisa Kate said...

#4, #9, & #12! I think #9 would be the most fun for her, since its so princessy and cute! I think she'll have a lot of fun in this pageant, you'll have to let us all know how it goes!

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

no 9 is my favorite :) Cute and princessy, like Lisa said. Light colors might look very nice on her, since she has stronger coloring.

She is so pretty! My litlle princess is 7 years old :)

Kim said...

4, 10, and 12!

Veronica said...

@Lisa Kate I think she'd really like some of the frilly, pricessy ones, too. I'll definitely keep you all posted!

Veronica said...

@Nea I think she's really going to like #9 because of the color and how girly it is. :) I bet your princess is beautiful as well...just like her mom!

@Kim Looks like #4 and #12 are consistent faves! :) Thanks for commenting!

FeyDreamer said...

#1, #10, #13

Veronica said...

Geez, FeyDreamer (Brandy)... For a best friend, you sure don't say much! LOL!!! Thanks for your input! *hugs*

BLIX said...

How fun! Phyrra and I must have the same taste as those were my exact picks! I was a tomboy as a kid...dresses were evil to me. Now I love them! But I love and prefer pencil skirts and long, tight mermaid (Morticia Addams type) skirts. Wonder if I was missing out on all the fun, girly clothes as a kid. Oh well!
Looking forward to seeing updates on the pageant!

Veronica said...

@BLIX I scored 2 out of 3 on matching exactly with you and Phyrra! :) I LOVE the pencil skirts and mermaidy skirts, but alas, I no longer have the body to wear them. One of these days, I will find the time to do more exercise than just chasing my one-year-old around the house! LOL!!!

Saila said...

I like #6, #10 and #12, #12 being my ultimate favourite. I think it's classy but it has a touch of whimsy and the colour would look great on your daughter.

I hope she does well! And with those genes, I bet she will :)

Veronica said...

@Saila Thanks so much! I love that one as well! I'm having such a hard time choosing. My husband's afraid that some of the shorter ones won't work well on her because she's so tall (and really slender). He's afraid her legs will look like toothpicks sticking out from the bottom of the dress. (And he makes a good point.) So, we're probably going to pick a longer one. I like #12...he likes #13.

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Oh yes, long dress will be better! My daughter is also tall and really slender...

FeyDreamer said...

Well V, I didn't know I needed a paragraph, so I'll fix that.. haha.. IDK, I think I'm changing my choices... I like 8, 9, 10.. Pricess looking, and the colors will all look awesome on her. U've got a hard choice. She's got that great coloring that has so many options.
Ok, so for today my choices are 8, 9, 10... Tomorrow I might change my mind again.
(look I wrote a longer comment this time)lol

Saila said...

If she's really tall and slender for age, I'd recommend a longer dress, too. I was really skinny when I was a kid and I looked ridiculous in shorter dresses/skirts, especially because I had (and still have) big feet! I was like those stick figure drawings... :P

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