New Releases!!! STAR GLIMMER GELS!

I decided that since the Hi Voltage Glimmer Gel in "Superstar" has been selling so well, it was time to create some different colors.  Here they are!!!

"Pop Star" = Violet iridescence
"Rising Star" = Sparks of copper
"Shooting Star" = Aqua glitz
"Stardom" = Golden glamour
"Starlet" = Eye-catching silver

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!!!

The sad news is...  Due to the entry of these 5 new glimmer gels, the current "Rockstar" (silver) and "All-Star" (gold) will be phased out.  They are currently in the Sale/Clearance section of my shop.  Once they are gone, they are gone forever.  :(  These are very lovely, but their shimmer is derived from mica instead of calcium aluminum borosilicate (like the Hi Voltage Glimmer Gel and the five above).  They're equally wonderful, but as they say...out with the old, in with the new.  :)

The only difference between the glimmer gels listed above and the Hi Voltage Glimmer Gel is the particle size.  "Superstar" (the only Hi Voltage Glimmer Gel we currently sell) has slightly larger articles of calcium aluminum borosilicate (in pink) to create an more blatant glitterfest!

Anyway...  These would be perfect for all the upcoming NYE celebrations!  If you order it on or before December 22nd (and you live in the 48 contiguous states), I can ensure you receive it in time for New Year's!!!  I will be making a mass shipment on the 23rd of ALL orders received up to and including the 22nd.  After that, (due to the holidays) I will be unable to make another trip to the post office until the 28th, in which case, I cannot guarantee delivery by the 31st without charging extra for 2nd Day or Overnight shipping.  :)

Love you all, and I hope you have a fabulous holiday!


Phyrra said...

I love pop star and shooting star ;)

Cosmofreakaleak said...

I can't wait until xmas is over so I can buy myself some of these!!

BLIX said...

How neat! I may have to try these! I love all of those...I like anything sparkly!

Lisa Kate said...

I love the names!! These looks so glam, I really like Rising Star and Shooting Star. I wear glitter or a highlight like everyday (cause I'm still a 12 year old at heart) so I definitely think Rising Star will be sneaking into my next order!

Veronica said...

@Phyrra I love those two as well! I figured if I had a pink one already (Superstar) that I should definitely have purple and blue!

@Cosmofreakaleak You'll love them! I'm going to cover my body with this stuff for New Year's! LOL.

@BLIX I always love to see a fellow glitter addict! :)

@Lisa Kate I've started wearing glitter a lot more lately, so I know what you mean. I used to only wear it in the evenings when I went out, but I'm starting to sport the shimmer while doing laundry and sitting around in my pajamas these days! LOL!

Halifax said...

Oh wow, this product is quite unique and beautiful :-) Do we just use them alone on the lids?

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