Today's Pick-Me-Up Makeup

It's cold and rainy today.  Ugh.  I've been attempting to package orders all morning, but I have just been so "blah".  So, I jumped in a nice, steamy shower and decided to do my makeup afterwards.  I work from home, so I'm normally sitting in my office in my PJs all day with minimal, if any, makeup, unless I have to go somewhere.  

Today is a PJ day, but I feel a little better about taking these pictures since I do at least have my face done.  LOL.  Excuse the towel on my head.  I had just gotten out of the shower and didn't feel like blowdrying my hair for these quick pics.  Let me know what you think!

Wow.  I do not look happy in this photo.
...Probably because you can SO tell how uneven
my brows are here.  Le sigh.  (One's higher than the
other due to an accident that required stitches...
guess the doc decided I needed a brow lift on
that eye as well.  LOL.  Maybe I should go back
and make him even them out...  LOL.)

On my eyes, I used the following:
LID:  Beautiful Nightmare
CREASE:  Back Seat Special
INNER CORNER:  Silver Bells
HIGHLIGHT:  Champagne Toast

Closed eye shot.  Forgive my atrocious brows and their
werewolfy ability to grow down the side of my face.
Seriously, WTF...right?

And here I am, in all my pajama-clad,
fresh-from-the-shower glory!
By the way, I'm also wearing Hi-Fi
Cosmetics Loose Cheek Color in
"Daydream".  Coming to the shop soon!
Oh yeah, and the lip gloss I'm wearing is
Maybelline Shine Seduction in Purple Hex.

Anyway...hope you like my look, minus the pajamas and towel on the head, of course!  :)

Do you own any of these colors, and if you do, how do you wear them?  Are there any other colors would you like to see me do a look with?


Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Oh, gorgeous! I'd love to see look with Grinch :)

Tabitha Michelle said...

So pretty!

BLIX said...

*drool* I love me some sparklies! I ordered all of these colours but back seat special. Dang it! Great smile!
I work at home too but I wear full makeup on my work days to help motivate me. It seriously works!

Phyrra said...

I love love love the look! I need to try that crease color. Beautiful!

Cosmofreakaleak said...

wow..i think it is so awesome that you physically make your own eyeshadows. im so impressed! how did you even figure it out???

Lisa Kate said...

I love it! You look so cute!

I would have never noticed your "brow lift" haha but I know those things are so frustrating!

Beautiful Nightmare & Back Seat Special look so perfect together...and I'm pretty excited about the new blush!

Anonymous said...

catching up on all your posts..wayy late. But I love these colors on you! so pretty!

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