Feliz Navidad...Prospero Año y Felicidad

Okay, so I decided to do my makeup this morning. I wanted to focus on more of a holiday look, so I used eyeshadows from Hi-Fi Cosmetics 2009 Holiday Collection. Hope you like!

Here is the look...  Excuse my hair...I've done
nothing with it today.  (And what am I doing with
my mouth?  Who knows...)

On eyes, I used the following:
Adeste Fideles - inner corner
Hot Cocoa - lid
Feliz Navidad - outer "V" and crease
Champagne Toast - highlight

Closed eye shot w/o flash

Close-up of eye w/ flash...  By the way, I also used a cheap gold
glitter liner from Claire's, as I just realized today that I haven't
made a golden Flash Powder yet.  (I need to get on that!)

I'm also wearing Gel Blush Concentrate in Get It On
and Prestige Wonder-Full lipgloss in Plush.
No foundation...  I rarely ever wear it.  Probably
because I'm too lazy to put it on...and (with my dad's
southern Alabama twang) "Why fix it if it ain't broke?"

Anyway...hope you like!  Do any of you own any of these colors?  If you do, how are you wearing them?

Please comment and let me know what you think!!!


BLIX said...

I ordered all of the colours you used but don't have them yet. Looking forward to playing with them! Super pretty look! And I'm jealous! I wish I could go without wearing foundation...lucky!

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland said...

Gorgeous! I wish I'd live somewhere warmer... My face gets always reddish in colder weather and I need foundation (preferably with heavy coverage, otherwise I can make Rudolp the Rednose Reindeer jealous :D). It's still around 8 F in here, I'm freezing!

Phyrra said...

So pretty!

krista carlson said...

Very pretty....I wish I didn't have to wear foundation!!!!

Veronica said...

@BLIX Gah! You should be getting them any day now! My last batch of Black Friday Sale stuff is going out today...along with everything else. I FINALLY will be caught up from all the chaos that happened with my aunt's death, husband going to Nebraska, Black Friday, etc. It SO sucks that all those things hit me in the same week. (But my hubby will be home on Saturday! Yay!) I'd have to check to see if yours is in with this one or if it's already gone out. Anything going out today is getting Priority shipping to ensure delivery by Christmas. SO sorry you don't have it yet! :(

@Nea My mother has rosacea, so she always has to wear foundation as well. My skin isn't the slightest bit pink (more olivey or yellow...some days it can't decide...LOL), and I have pretty good skin, so I guess I just got lucky. However...there's about a million other products I refuse to go without!! Eyeliner, brows, and gloss are a MUST. LOL!

Veronica said...

@Phyrra Thank you! By the way, I bought two necklaces from the shop you mentioned to me last night! Can't wait to get them in!

@krista Thanks! I'm not sure why I don't have to wear it. I thank my mom, I guess. She has good skin too, but she's very fair, so the rosacea has kicked in during her late 40s.

keijukainen said...

So beautiful!
I adore Adeste Fidels <3

Lisa Kate said...

Wow you look gorgeous!! I just swatched all my new Xmas colors last night and am planning on wearing them today! I really love these colors...there is so much fun to be had with them!!

Veronica said...

@keijukainen Glad you like it! it's one of my faves too!

@Lisa Kate Thank you! :) I'm glad you like them! I want to see pics!

Nick said...

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