Operation Christmas Furlough...and some randomness.

Hey, everyone!

A huge thanks to all of you who supported Hi-Fi Cosmetics this past weekend!  I got a ton of orders, and I'm working really hard to get them all filled and shipped!

The listings in my shop will be scarce tonight...but expect everything to be restored within 24 hours.

I'm making another trip to the post office tomorrow.  If you placed an order and it ships, I will be sending you an email.  :)

Keep in mind that I will be out of commission a good part of the week due to my aunt's death.  I appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers.  Thanks so much for your patience during this hard time for my family.

My husband is also leaving on military duty on Friday.  Don't worry...he's not getting deployed.  He will be in Nebraska for some non-commissioned officer training for two weeks.  I'll be available during this time he is away, however, I will be scarce this weekend...as well as the weekend of the 19th, when I drive to the other side of the state to pick him up from the airport.  I do have email on my phone, and I travel with my laptop, so if you need to email me, please don't hesitate to do so.  I WILL still be taking and filling orders during this time, so you are free to shop!  I just may not be as quick to respond to emails, Etsy convos, etc.

Speaking of military duty, all week this week and next I will be donating a portion of ALL SALES to the 875th Eng. Battalion of Jonesboro, Arkansas for Operation Christmas Furlough.  As many of you know, my husband is in the Army National Guard, having served in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, the big ice storm that came through the Midsouth earlier this year, and a 15 month tour in Iraq.  He is set to deploy again in 2011 or 2012.  I'm sure you can understand why I want to do this.

The 875th recently left for Wisconsin in preparation for a deployment to Afghanistan.  They are all trying to come home for Christmas before they head out, but the unit needs $20,000 to send them home for the holidays.  This weekend, soldiers' wives, mothers, and children stood at the major intersections in Jonesboro, AR in an effort to gather donations to bring their servicemen home for Christmas.  During this time, they had food thrown at them and many obscene and profane gestures aimed towards them.  When one soldier's daughter spoke with a woman about donating, the woman simply replied, "If your dad's going to Afghanistan, he's already dead."  There were many other negative and rude statements thrown at these desperate families while they were trying to collect donations to bring their brave servicemembers home for the holidays.  My blood boils just thinking about it.

Despite all the negativity they received, the group was able to collect close to $18,000.  Pretty amazing for collecting money on the side of the road, huh?  BUT, they still need over $2,000 to make it happen.  So, while my husband and I are making our own personal donation, I also want to donate a portion of my proceeds over the next week or two to helping these families have a wonderful Christmas.

I know many of you are not residents of the United States, so I totally understand if you choose to disregard this.  However, I will be posting this on my shop announcement, as well as Facebook and Twitter over the next week or two.

Thank you all so much for your support...not only of me, but of our courageous men and women who give their all and sacrifice so much to protect our freedom and way of life.

My husband at a wreath laying ceremony last Christmas.
Photo taken at the Fayetteville National Cemetery
in Fayetteville, AR.

My husband Aron and I

My husband (on top, by the flag), and some of the soldiers he
deployed with on his last tour in Iraq.

Thanks so much!


BLIX said...

Woohoo! Go military families! I'm an Army brat. My dad is retired from the Army (he was in Desert Storm) and I have 3 siblings in the Army right now, 2 of which have been in Iraq and we are trying to get my brother, Adam, home for Christmas. So this does hit close to home. It sickens me to see how cruel and horrible people can be. I hope they raise enough money to bring their loved ones home! You two look sweet together BTW. :-)

Lisa Kate said...

My jaw dropped when I read that! I can't believe these people. I think it happens whenever people ask for donations. My dad is a firefighter (and ex-air force pilot) and they stand downtown to ask for donations for a MS charity. People are so awful, spitting at them and screaming. He says the people who give the most are the poor and the guys in the nice cars are the ones yelling!

Be safe on your long drive!

PS You guys are adorable together!

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