Finally Back Home!

As most of you already know, my aunt passed away last weekend...  So, the funeral and all was this week.

I also had to take my husband to the airport on Friday so he can do some military schooling in Nebraska.  THEN...I took my oldest daughter to see her dad and managed a small 2-day vacation with my best bud Brandy while Julia was at his house.

And...we just got home.  I KNOW I'm really behind on shipping, comments, and emails, but I promise to bust my butt this week to get everything out.  PLEASE forgive me.  For those of you who have ordered from me before, you know my shipping and replies are normally relatively swift. aside, here are some photos.  :)  (I almost wrote "here is some photos" and nearly vomited when I realized my ludicrous grammatical error.  I'm a snob when it comes to grammar and spelling.  My husband hates it.)

My oldest, Julia, getting situated in the back seat of my two-door car...
Getting ready for a long drive.  (The transmission is going out in
my SUV.  Lovely timing.)

I looked "a hot mess", but this was the best makeup
I could do with one shadow pencil, liquid liner, brow
pencil, and lip gloss...WHILE going down the super-curvy
highway at about 65 mph.  My hubby was doing the driving
though, so no worries.  :)

Aron and I hanging out in our hotel room the evening before
I took him to the airport.  (And yes...I AM wearing a shirt in this
photo!  It was a spaghetti strap tank top that decided to hide
outside the frame...LOL.)  By the way, I'm wearing "Distortion"
Hi Fi Shadow here...but it's after about 6 hours of wear with
no primer.  I was short on time getting ready, hence the single
shadow look.

Our little one, Raven, decided to take photos of iCarly playing
on the TV.  LOL.

Anyway...hope the rest of you had a better week than I did!  Hubby will be flying back on the 19th.  I think I can make it until then.  I just KNOW you all will keep me super busy and help keep my mind off things!  :)

Love you all!


Phyrra said...

You do NOT look a hot mess with that liquid liner.
You look GORGEOUS. Your liner looks perfect.

Veronica said...

Thanks, Phyrra! I hated the way I looked that day. We had been on the road for hours before I finally decided to do something with my face. I wanted to post a "before" pic, but after I saw them on my PC, I was like, "Um. Nevermind on the before pic." I looked HORRIBLE! Dark circles, bags under my eyes, flaky chapped lips, THE WORKS. It was a sad, sad sight. It's amazing what a little eyeliner and lip gloss can do. LOL.

BLIX said...

What?! I'm with Phyrra on this! You do look gorgeous! You have a beautiful family too!

Veronica said...

Thanks, BLIX. I have a step-daughter as well...but let's just say that her mother doesn't let us see her that much. I think I'm more upset about it than my husband is (he's started to just accept her less-than-nice attitude), but we're happy with the two little girls we have. :) Maybe wanting a boy soon!

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