Introductory Sale!!!

Wow...  Long time no post!!!  I've been super busy lately with tornadoes (!!!), unexpected guests, and my husband's crazy military schedule, so I greatly apologize for not posting more FOTDs, updates, etc.

Anyway...  If you guys are on my Facebook fan page, then you know about all the new stuff that's been coming out.  Check out these photos for a peek at the new Rockstar Loose Eyeshadows, which are basically the same awesome quality of the Hi Fi Shadows, but packing more of a glitter-tastic punch.   This new line runs at $5.99 apiece, which is a little more than the $4.99 for Hi Fi Shadows...but since these are so packed with amazing sparkle-goodness, they cost me a little bit more to produce.  Either way, it's still an awesome deal!!!  :)

Also, if you're looking for something to make those sparklies stick, try out my new High Impact Shadow Fix, which is especially formulated for loose shadows (esp. those with lots of glitter, sparkle, etc.), but it can be used with any shimmery shadow...even pressed ones.  However, it's not so awesome for mattes, as it can cause an uneven or patchy application.  Just an FYI...  This product rocks my face off!!!  (To see this product in action, check out these photos.)

Now...  On to the sale!!!

I'm doing a special "introductory offer" on the Rockstar Loose Eyeshadows from May 9th until May 23rd!! That gives you two weeks to load up on these spectacular shadows! 

Here's the deal:  Buy 1 Rockstar shadow, Get 1 Free **OR** Buy 2 Rockstar shadows, and get a tube of High Impact Shadow Fix or a Spotlight Lip Glaze for FREE!!! 

You decide, and there's NO LIMIT!! As always, DO NOT put your free items in your cart. Simply mention in the message section which shades you'd like for free. :) Simple. No waiting on revised invoices! *yay!* 

Hope you guys enjoy the sale, and remember it ends in 11 days!!!  Start stocking up now!  :)


keijukainen said...

I'm so happy you're back Veronica and with a new collection too, yey! :)

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