Facebook Giveaway!!

Okay, the title kind of gives this one away...

ONE PERSON will receive FIVE of their favorite Hi Fi or Rockstar shadows and TWO Lip Glazes of their choice!

FOUR others will receive THREE of their favorite shadows and ONE Lip Glaze!

FIVE more people will win ONE shadow or Lip Glaze of their choice!!!

That's a total of 10 WINNERS!!!  (I told you it was a big one!)

Here's how you get entries:

1.  "Like" Hi-Fi Cosmetics on Facebook (click here to see my fan page).  (One entry)
2.  Go to the photo albums and comment on the pictures of up to three of your favorites.  (Up to three entries, one for each comment left after 8:00 PM CST, Friday, May 14)
3.  Share the link to your blog or video review/tutorial/etc.  (Two entries for each link or video posted.  For tutorials and/or FOTDs, you must focus on Hi-Fi or use Hi-Fi products for the majority of the look.)
4.  Share your Hi-Fi photos on the Hi-Fi Cosmetics Facebook wall (or Fan Photos section).  (One entry for each photo.)

At the deadline, I will organize and number all entries.  I will then do ten random drawings using random.org, drawing the "grand prize" winner first, the group of four next, then finishing up with the final five.  This will ensure a completely unbiased, random drawing for the winners.  :)

So, anyway...there are lots of ways to get entries!  :)  I'll be running this little giveaway from 8:00 PM CST, Friday, May 14th until 8:00 PM CST, Friday, May 28th.  That gives you two weeks.  :)

I hope to see lots of entries!!!  Good luck to you all!!!  :)


Makeup Zombie said...

I entered..hope I did it right. LOL!

MartianDelights said...

mmm not sure I have done that right... I have been a facebook fan (as Lorraine Arndell) for a while, also blogged about the giveaway on my blog http://martiandelightsdicountmakeupcosmetics.blogspot.com/ and done the 3 photo comments... am I supposed to write this on your facebook page?
Thanks for letting me know
Lorraine x

Veronica said...

@MartianDelights - Basically, I'm going to go through and put everyone who is a fan (or has "liked") in a drawing...PLUS, all the comments since the giveaway started...along with the links posted to the fan page. You don't have to mention on there everything you did, as I will catch it when it comes time to tally everything up. :)

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