That's right...more FREE STUFF!!!

Why do I always do these types of sales instead of "25% OFF" or whatever?  The answer is easy.  TIME.  When I do sales for a certain percentage off or something, Etsy requires me to do one of two things...  I must go in and revise the prices of EVERY SINGLE ITEM in my shop...which takes FOREVER...  OR, I have to ask each and every customer to wait for a revised invoice on every order that comes in.  This takes away from the time I have to fill orders and get them out the door in a timely manner.  So, as a favor to you (and myself), I just let you guys get free stuff instead.  :)

Anyway...as for the sale...  Buy any TWO Hi Fi Shadows (my most popular item by FAR) and GET ONE FREE!!!  Also, you can buy any TWO Spotlight Lip Glazes (newness!) and GET ONE FREE!!!  What a deal, right?  Just mention coupon code SPRINGSALE along with your free items in the message section at checkout.

I'm running this sale until...*drumroll please*...the END OF APRIL!  That's right...a whopping SIX WEEKS!!!

Just remember, my order volume gets a little crazy when I do these sales, so keep in mind that it may take longer to get your order out the door.  As always, if you have any question on the status of your order, do not hesitate to contact me.  :)

Speaking of contacting me...  If you email me at hificosmetics@gmail.com, you are more likely to get a prompt response, because I can easily reply to emails using my phone when I am away from my office.  Etsy convos usually have to wait until I'm home and focused strictly on that.

***NOTE:  PLEASE do not put your free items in your cart, as I will have to send you a separate revised invoice, which takes away from time I could be filling orders.  Just type in the names of the free items in the message section along with the coupon code.  Thanks!***

Anyway...let me know what you think!!!  Anything in particular you plan on purchasing during this sale?  :)


Nina said...

Yay! Just placed an order, thanks for the awesome sale!

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Woo! Going to place an order soon :D

Veronica said...

@Heather ~ Glad to hear it!!! :) I've got some new shades coming out this week and a few more lip glazes, so keep your eyes peeled!

@Nina ~ Working on your order now! :) Thanks bunches!

Makeup Zombie said...

I placed my first ever Hi-Fi order today and I'm STOKED! I've read so much about your shadows that I can't wait to try them out. :)

awful beautiful disarray said...

Sounds so great! Think I may just have to try some out!!!!! :D

Have a great week! :)

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