Hands Off My Shamrocks!

Okay...I saw this shirt in Hot Topic, and I wanted it SO badly...  It would have been quite hilarious, as I usually do everything I can to try and conceal and/or minimize my 38F breasts.  Something inside me was BEGGING me to buy it, however, I couldn't really justify spending $22 on a t-shirt that I only get to wear once a year, that I hopefully won't fit into next year.  (I'm trying to lose some poundage, and hopefully, some boobage along with it.)  SO...my will power triumphed for once!!!  I just figured I would enjoy the IDEA of owning it.  :)

My husband keeps hoping that my losing weight won't shrink "the twins", but I'm desperately hoping they'll go down at least two to three cup sizes.  I'm currently 5'9" and a size 12/14, so it's not like I'm an enormous person...  I just have giant boobs.  Go figure.

Anyway...enough Shamrock-Boob talk...  :)  Here's my FOTD for St. Patty's Day, which is probably the whole reason you're here in the first place, right?  *xoxo*

My lipstick and gloss had pretty much worn off at this point...  But just in case you were wondering, I wore a random nude lipliner and Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Caramel Kiss with Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Creme Femme in the center of my bottom lip.  (By the way, if any of you know where I can get more of the VS Creme Femme gloss, PLEASE let me know.  It's my absolute favorite.  I'm working on creating a dupe for it, but I haven't succeeded yet.)

I was SO impressed with how well these shadows wore together.  As you can see, there are a couple that aren't in the shop yet (because I've been so swamped, I haven't been able to take swatch photos of them yet), but I promise they are coming soon!  :)  I believe "Prophecies & Curses" is the only one that doesn't have photos taken yet.  "Revanche" and "Raw Shock" are ready, I just haven't gotten around to listing them (along with a ton of other awesome new colors).  :)

I applied my eye makeup as follows:

1.  Applied LA Splash Splash Proof Sealer to entire lid area up to crease.  (I've never used Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, but I'm thinking that this does the exact same thing, as I always use it to amp up my shimmery/glittery shadows...and trust me, they DO NOT budge.  I've even pulled a few all-nighters using this stuff and still had perfect eye makeup when the sun came up!  By the way, I do have some Pixie Epoxy on the way!)
2.  Using a medium, semi-stiff brush, I pressed "Raw Shock" on the center of my lid, leaving the inner and outer 1/4 bare.
3.  Using a small, stiff brush, I lightly applied "Adeste Fideles" to the inner corner and around the tear duct.
4.  I then applied "Prophecies & Curses" to the outer corner, using a firm rounded brush.
5.  "Revanche" was then applied lightly to the outer "V", and into the crease about 3/4 of the way in using a small crease brush.
6.  I then used a flat, fluffy brush to apply "Champagne Toast" as a highlight.
7.  After applying my highlight, I took a liner brush and applied "Prophecies & Curses" to my lower lashlines.
8.  I applied L'Oreal Extra Intense liquid pencil in black to my waterline, and Blinc Kiss Me liquid liner to the top lashline, creating a "wing" or "cat-eye" effect.
9.  I then applied Ardell Demi Wispies and Smashbox Bionic mascara, and...  Ta-done!

As most of you know by now, my face makeup is typically very minimal.  I don't wear foundation, except on special occasions, so usually I just go bare with a little concealer and of course, blush.  :)

Anyway...hope you guys enjoyed this look!!!  I'll be getting all the eyeshadows that I used listed VERY soon!

Smoochie boochies!


Heather / Eyeconic said...

Every time I get an order, you put in a bunch of new colors and things so I place another one :P I love Raw Shock!

Veronica said...

Haha! Yeah, I'm definitely ever-changing!!! LOL. Last night was actually the first night I wore Raw Shock, and I was extremely happy with it. The swatch on my hand just didn't come close to comparing to when I actually got it on my eyes! :) One of my best greens for sure!

krista carlson said...

I really love this. You look so beautiful!!!

Veronica said...

Thank you, Krista!

Phyrra said...

I think it's a gorgeous look on you!

Veronica said...

Thanks, Phyrra! For some reason, I absolutely love myself in greens and purples. I haven't really grown too fond of pinks or blues on me, but maybe that's just because I haven't found the right combination of colors yet. Either way, St. Patty's Day was a good excuse to break out some of the new green shades I've been mixing up! :)

BLIX said...

That shirt is cute and your makeup is HOT! Gimme some of your boobage...I could use it. :-P

Veronica said...

@BLIX... Yeah, I almost wish I would have bought it now. LOL. It's so funny...whenever I complain about my chest size, I always have someone who asks me to donate. LOL. I SO would, too. Talk about back problems!!! I remember the good old days about 7 years ago before I had children... Oh, how I miss being a 34B.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Loooove the inner corner and crease colour :) and that shirt is adorable

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