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Yeah, I know I'm terrible about keeping this thing updated...  But I came back to post this today, because it's important.


Yeah, not what you wanted to hear, I'm will be my last move for a VERY long time!

As most of you know, I'm an "Army Wife"...and it just so happens that after we just moved to a bigger place (in September '10), my husband's military job transfers him to another office.  300 miles away.  

This move is...well...interesting.  

It just so happens that my ex-husband (who lives in the exact area we will be moving to) recently took a job in Austin, TX.  He starts this job in early March, and offered to let me buy "our" house back for the mortgage payoff.  (Odd arrangement, I know...but a SWEET deal.)  My husband (the current one...LOL) started his new job today and will be staying at the armory or with friends until we are able to physically relocate into the house at the end of February when my ex moves out.

This is going to be a stressful time for me, as my husband is gone, and I have to handle the housework, children, packing, and preparing for this move...alone...  All while trying to run my business.  Granted, this will be my third time having to do this (in the past two years), so you would think I'd be a professional mover by now.  LOL.  

I feel even more bad for my husband, who is basically bumming it right out of his office and/or with friends (as opposed to staying in a hotel) to help us save up some money for this sudden and unexpected move.

Anyway...with all that said, this is how business will be running...  (I've made a bulleted list so you won't miss any of the details.)

  • I'm doing some major multi-tasking these days, so turn around time will be slightly longer than usual.  I will post regular updates on my Facebook page.
  • I will be taking orders through Monday, January 31st.  The shop will close down (only temporarily, of course) at 12:00 a.m., Tuesday, February 1st.  The Etsy shop will still be there, as this is only a temporary hiatus, but it'll be in vacation mode so no new orders can be placed.
  • I will continue filling orders and will not pack up my office until ALL ORDERS have shipped.  (So, never fear...your packages will ship out before the actual move takes place.)  This is part of the reason I'm closing down several weeks before I actually give me time to tie up all the loose ends (without worrying about a constant flow of new orders pouring in) before packing up my supplies.
  • I will be traveling a lot over the next couple of months, so the number of post office trips I make per week will decrease.  (I currently make 3-4 trips per week.)  The days I am home will be spent filling orders like a mad woman (LOL), and my travel days will likely be the days I use to ship out packages (since I'll already be on the road and all).
  • During this time, it is strongly suggested that you correspond with me via e-mail instead of through Etsy.  Etsy is just a pain in the butt to log in to all the time (especially if it's just to check messages).  E-mail is easy...desktop, laptop,'s always easily accessible no matter where I am, which means quicker responses.
  • It is ESTIMATED that I will re-open somewhere around mid-March or so, however, this may vary, depending on how the move goes.  (We have some painting and small repairs to make on the house before I can re-open.)  Again...keep up with me on Facebook for the latest update on re-opening.
Anyway...  If you have any questions, feel free to comment or send me an email (  I'm so blessed to have such wonderful customers, and I thank you all for your continued patience with my family's military life!  It really means so much!!!


Mai said...

I will say the circumstances of your moving and the sale of your house is rather interesting and it's like a low drama soap opera

Here's hoping your move goes well!

MartianDelights said...

Hope it goes as smoothly as possible x

Kira said...

Hope it goes well - as a former army brat I understand the "fun" of moving. Best move we ever did was all of 1km down the road. Mum would send us on our bikes with bags of clothes. The least fun move was when we were moving 100km+ with everything we owned and turning up to our grandparents xmas eve while they were trying to organise a doctor as I started having a major asthma attack that needed hospitalisation.

Skulda said...

Good luck with your move!

Alv said...

I ordered before christmas and still no sign of my order.

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