Change is good... Glam Rock Eye Glitz

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to post a quick note and let you all know that the packaging for the Glam Rock Eye Glitz is changing!!!


I have heard the feedback, and I love that you guys are liking the glitter gels so much...  However, I noticed that there was a consistent drying-out issue, common with gel products packaged in jars.

Well, in an effort to remedy this issue, the glitter gels are now packaged in 10 ml squeeze tubes.  *YAY!!!*  Granted, this calls for a substantial increase in the amount of product received (at least double the original jar amount), so the price has increased accordingly.

I managed to get shipments of tubes in from two different companies, and while the tube size remains consistent between them, there are a couple differences.  One shipment has a longer, silicone tip with a longer cap to accommodate it.  The other shipment is a blunt, plastic tip with a short, domed cap.  I just wanted to make you aware of this inconsistency in case you receive multiple items that don't appear identical.  The quantity and quality of product remains the same.

Here's a photo of the silicone-tipped tubes with product in them:

This is what the finished product looks like without the label.

I hope this new packaging fixes the issues you all have been having!!!



Painted Moogle said...

That looks wonderful! I'll have to pick a few up for sure. :D

Phyrra said...

That's awesome! I know I was sad when I found one of mine dried out.

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